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I m a 46 year old father of 2 . I have a very busy schedule: I work 12 to 14 hours a day and do a lot of international traveling. Last year after I returned from a business trip I got very sick: painfully headaches and a burning red rash on the left side of my forehead. I got shingles.
After learning about what causes the shingles to break out I turned to Monica for help. With her guidance I changed my diet and, even in my busy schedule go to the gym 3 times a week. But the change in my diet made the biggest impact I feel energetic and strong and I m not afraid anymore to get sick I know that my Immune system is strong and can handle any attack.  Thanks Monica ​​

- Oliver Sons, Brea Ca

I want to thank Susan for her support, insight and nutritional knowledge. She's been more than a health coach, she's been a health partner.  I'm a father of 2 active boys and have a very busy work schedule. My career is quite demanding mentally and physically. For the past 19 years, I have worked odd hours and eaten horribly. No matter the diet or amount of exercise, I was unable to lose the weight I gained. Susan's patience and guidance allowed me to gain new insight into eating healthy and proper nutritional supplements. Within 2 months I lost 25 pounds, 2 pant sizes and increased energy. I feel great. She taught me proper food combining and help me realize the connection between food, exercise and nutritional supplements, thank you Susan

- Ralph Edwards, La Habra Ca

First, all of my numbers improved. I lost weight and gained muscle. My habits have improved and I am excited to be on a much healthier path. I am most exited about the results of my recent annual physical. I have a long history of high cholesterol. I have been on meds for at least 15 years, never getting my total cholesterol below 200, even on the best meds available. The insurance company tried to get me to switch to the generic meds a while back and my cholesterol spiked. I went back on the good stuff to keep it at about 200. 

My name is Anna Liberio, I'm 54 years old. I went through an amazing 3 month H-Bling Program with Monica Sanchez. One of the first things I improved on was eliminating the sleeping aid I was taking for 2 1/2 years caused by stress in my life.  So now I sleep better and maintain my stress level. Also through the program my sciatic nerve issues that I had for 1 year are gone. Now I'm getting stronger with my work outs and not so restless when I go to bed at night. To my surprise in six weeks of the program I raised my antioxidant levels from 36.000 to 75.000 all the way in the Blue! That's the same as Dr. Oz score! I want to thank Monica for all her efforts, what I learned, how good I feel and the friendship we have. Thanks Monica love Anna 

- Anna Liberio, Brea Ca

Thank you for helping reboot my system. I was tired and my system felt out of whack. Through a friend I heard about H-Bling's 5 Day Detox. I had to do something. so I reached out to Susan. With her support and great tasting juices I completed the 5 Day Detox. I feel much better, lost weight and have changed my eating habits. I even continue to juice or blend at least once a day and have done for past two months. I appreciate Susan's encouragment and continued support. Even though I completed the program she continues to answer my nutritional questions and offer suggestions. Thanks Susan. 

- Brandon Smith - Inglewood Ca

I want to share that my husband's glucose level was within NORMAL range this morning. The 1st time in YEARS! We are on day 8 of the Detox of the Daniel Plan. 

Prairsing God for this program...and for you sharing it! Thank you Susan and Monica 



- Dani Brimhall, Brea Ca

In your class, I learned the interesting fact that cholesterol is good for repairing damage to the inside of our arteries. Cholesterol increases as more repairs are needed because of the fat we eat, right? Wrong! Sugar causes the damage, cholesterol is just trying to help with repairs to the artery walls. I started working on cutting out as much sugar as possible.  My cholesterol at my annual physical? 153. My doctor was so impressed that he ordered another test in a few months to see if my meds can be adjusted. I will stick with these wonderful changes and I am looking forward to increased improvement and getting off cholesterol meds. Thanks be to God, the Daniel Plan and our amazing teachers.

- Scott Hewit, Brea Ca

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